Thai Food: Mood Booster for Bad Days

Wow, there is so much work to do and it is getting a little hard to keep up with everything. What’s that? You too? How relatable! Now that we are feeling kind of sluggish, what we really need right now is a mood booster!

We have some ideas in mind like a quick walk down the park or a few minutes of yoga, but at the end of the day, nothing beats good food. To make things better, let us also satisfy our usual Thai food cravings while getting that extra boost of serotonin, which is also called the “happy hormone.” Ready your notebooks because we have listed down the best Thai food mood boosters in town:

Pad Thai

More than just being everyone’s ultimate favourite, Pad Thai has nuts and bean sprouts in its very colourful recipe. Nuts and beans are one of the foods that carry high levels of tryptophan, an amino acid that can help our bodies produce serotonin. Depending on the recipe that you are following, you can also mix in some chicken, which is another food that has tryptophan in it! Pad Thai is also very good for your mind and body so dig in!

Poo Ja

Also called Poo Cha, this dish is made of fresh crabs and shrimp! Crabs and other seafood are rich in selenium, an essential mineral that helps fight anxiety and depression. Making Poo Ja is simple. Just steam some crabs and then combine the steamed crab meat with slices of shrimp, pork, and garlic. Add some seasonings like fish sauce and a few spices that are enough to tickle your taste buds.

Thai Coconut Brown Rice (Khao Ma-Prao)

You read that right! Not just any ordinary white rice, but for this dish, you will need to use brown rice. Why? Whole-grain foods like brown rice also contain selenium. The Thai Coconut Brown Rice is also very sweet, making it the perfect dessert to eat after finishing your main dishes. Eating something sweet is also widely known to make people happy!

Thai Lettuce Wraps

No matter what non-vegetable fans might say, green leafy vegetables are more than just healthy foods. You better believe us when we tell you that they are excellent mood boosters. Vegetables, most especially leafy greens, contain magnesium which helps boost serotonin levels. That is why Thai Lettuce Wraps easily belong here in our list! Aside from greens, it also has bean sprouts, chicken, and nuts, which are fellow mood boosters.

Thai Broiled Salmon

If you have not tried this yet, let us tell you now that the Thai Broiled Salmon is soon to be your next favourite dish. Salmon contains B-12 vitamin, which helps the brain produce those happy chemicals we need. This fish also is rich in Omega-3 that is known to help prevent heart diseases and can lower the risk of having anxiety and depression. The Thai Broiled Salmon will satisfy your Thai food cravings with its sweet and chilli glaze.


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