5 Thai Dishes That You Should Try

Thai cuisine is one of the most celebrated dishes with a global popularity. It is widely known for its use of local herbs that create a distinct depth of flavors and fragrances. Their food exemplifies the ingenuity and richness of Thai culture. But what’s truly exemplary about Thai cuisine is that it is also inclusive in such a way that it can cater to both vegetarians and meat lovers alike with its flexibility in variations, all while being inexpensive and affordable as it is served in big portions.

Today, Thai cuisine has been more accessible to enjoy from Thailand to any part of the world. Even if you’re in Australia, you can conveniently and delightfully taste a piece of Thailand when you try these five savory dishes.

1. Pad Thai

Pad thai, which means “to stir fry” is made with thin rice noodles, bean sprouts, and accompanied with ground peanuts, dry radish, shallots, and eggs. It’s a humble plate that holds the complexity of Thailand’s palate and careful attention to detail as it can be served either as street food or as an elevated dish.

Needless to say, it is an immensely popular dish in Thai cuisine and can be found in almost every street in Thailand. You can’t say you love Thai food if you haven’t tried a plate of Pad Thai!

2. Crying Tiger Beef Salad

It is a famous grilled beef dish perfect for a summer dinner. The name itself holds an interesting story where the chillies in the sauce are said to make the tiger weep. This recipe usually uses a sirloin, cut, treated and seared to perfection. It is nicely served over fresh greens and Thai herbs with chilli and red onion. Finally, it’s tossed with a flavorful Thai dressing. But if you want to go full Asian, go ahead and switch the greens for a cup of rice. 

3. Curry Puff

A comfort food akin to hand pies or empanadas. It’s a deep-fried puff pastry filled with minced meat and potatoes and served with sweet chilli sauce that binds all these ingredients together as one coherent dish.

4. Satay

One of the huge favorites in Thai food is satay. It is made with sliced meat like pork or chicken which is then marinated, skewered, and grilled to your satisfaction. Satay is popular in many Asian countries as a street food, but in Thailand particularly, it has evolved through different variations in marinades and sauces but satay with a generous amount of peanut sauce stiil remains as the classic pairing.

5. Massamun Curry

If you’re an adventurous foodie looking for something different and underrated, Massamun Curry is the dish for you! It is a combination of flavors such as cardamom, cinnamon or star anise, cloves, and bay leaves that creates a rich yet mild curry taste. It is mildly sweet and is best served with your choice of either chicken or beef. It also comes with potatoes, tomatoes, and ground peanuts, which is a staple ingredient in most Thai dishes. 

What’s really impressive about Thai food is its taste for profound authenticity using a diverse array of local herbs and spices that is sure to take your taste bud on a unique dining experience! If you’re in Australia and you’re already craving for Thai food as you’re reading this, then head over to Thai Emperor for some authentic Thai takeout!


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